The RWU hg皇冠老牌网站集团地址 connects subject-matter experts from the Roger Williams community with high schools, 组织, 俱乐部, and community centers that can benefit from a tailored presentation or workshop.


hg皇冠老牌网站集团地址 presenters are RWU faculty and staff who are passionate about their areas of expertise and love to speak on a wide range of topics such as college admission and financial aid, 大学成功和准备技巧, 以及学术专业或职业道路. Our presentations and workshops are offered at no cost to the organization and can be scheduled at your school, 业务, 或组织, 或者和我们谈谈在我们的校园里招待你. 

It is our goal to provide expert sessions to members of the greater community as one more way we can deepen our core purpose: to strengthen society through engaged teaching and learning. 

我们鼓励您探索我们的主题列表, but also let us know if you have other topic requests that we can try to accommodate. Have questions or need help identifying a speaker or topic? 电邮至 speakersbureau@eastofthebosphorus.net.


We are committed to delivering presentations that benefit your students and community. Please find below a representative list of presentations that we have currently developed, and can provide or adapt to meet the needs of your intended audience. If there is a need you have that is not listed below, please contact us!

  • 导航大学搜索过程
  • 应用程序提示 & 技巧
  • 模拟招生委员会 
  • 写作 & College Essay Workshops (How to Write a Killer College Essay)
  • 支付大学费用:了解财务状况
  • 申请援助:FAFSA备案工作坊
  • 超越标价
  • 大学运动员的经历 


  • Sample Session Preparing Students for College Engineering Programs
  • 你打算用什么来做 主要? 
  • 未来趋势:新兴专业和职业
  • Bulletproofing Your Career: the Value of Liberal Arts and Professional Training
  • _______ Major的一天
  • 一个大学学位真的值得吗?
  • 计算机科学领域的就业趋势 & 网络安全

张志贤萨尔加多首席顾问,vervessmith, Ltd.

Yours was by far the best explanation of the financial aid process I've heard. 谢谢你!.

索尼娅·D. 贝尔:  大学咨询主任

This was the most helpful financial aid workshop that I have ever attended. I took plenty of notes and feel better prepared to serve all of my families. The presenters were honest and transparent and helped us see financial aid from the perspective of families and colleges.

帕蒂Gesmundo:  学校辅导员/主教亨德里肯高中 

作为一名新的学校辅导员, this "easy to follow" presentation gave me a better understanding of how to help families with their financial aid questions/concerns. 谢谢你! for sharing the knowledge and being transparent!

Alison McCaul:  Independent Educational Consultant, Go College Advising

非常翔实的金融援助网络研讨会. 谢谢你! so much for sharing useful information which will undoubtedly help in my college advising to students and families.


This workshop provided me the information I need to give informed and validated information to the families I work with on a regular basis. It also helped me know what questions they should be asking 财政援助 offices as they decide which colleges are best suited for them both academically and financially.