Experiential Learning

At Roger Williams University, we understand that an education today needs to be experiential, linking classroom-based theory with practical learning experiences for students across all majors. It’s why we believe and encourage our students to take part in the many Experiential Learning opportunities we offer.

Students inspect their notes in a building they are renovating

Through Experiential Learning, RWU students 边做边学 – becoming practitioners, researchers, and more in the RWU and local community. 的实践, project-based experiences they set out allow students connect the ideas they encounter in the classroom with situations in the real world. 结果是, it gives our graduates an immediate competitive advantage over others and inevitably leads to a successful life and career.

Here at Roger Williams, we continually invest in innovative programs to provide transformational educational experiences that prepare students to be lifelong learners, 专业人士, 以及全球公民. Whether out in the local community, working on interdisciplinary projects or a pro bono law case, completing a customized internship locally or abroad, or conducting important research with a professor, at RWU students solve problems creatively. They learn to communicate effectively and think critically.

Below are some of the Experiential Learning opportunities we offer students: